About Us

TechOnIT provides a wide range of IT support, computer repair and network services. We’re based in Aptos, CA, but our remote support service can assist you with your computers anywhere in the world. We make house calls too. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, restaurants and many other businesses partner with TechOnIT to keep their systems up and running in a reliable and secure environment. We are responsive.

Our Services

Computer Tech Support

  • Fast response time
  • Safe, reliable remote access
  • Support for all types of computers
  • Microsoft-certified Tech support

Custom Hardware Installs

  • Custom-built servers and workstations
  • Ethernet and cable TV setups
  • Indoor/outdoor long-range WIFI
  • Security Cameras

Business-friendly Solutions

  • POS Sales terminal setups
  • Scheduling and inventory software
  • System restores and data recovery
  • Professional website design

Our remote support gives us the ability to connect to any computer in the world and quickly fix it.