About Us

We are your Business IT Solutions Partner for small and medium size business (SMB). We specialize in supporting property managers, real estate appraisers, lawyers, auto shops and construction/engineering businesses. What sets us apart is we focus not only on the IT, but on your business and how technology can increase your profits by streamlining your business processes. Please call for an appointment any time between 8-5, M-F. We support your business both remotely and onsite, we do free IT site surveys with an emphasis on cyber security. We’re closed on weekends and holidays.

Our Services

Computer Tech Support

  • Fast response time
  • Safe, reliable remote access
  • Support for all types of computers
  • Microsoft-certified Tech support

Custom Hardware Installs

  • Custom-built servers and workstations
  • Network Cabling Installs
  • Indoor/outdoor long-range WIFI

Business-friendly Solutions

  • On-premise or Cloud hosted Line of Business Software Setups
  • Scheduling and Inventory Software
  • System restores and Data Recovery

Our remote support gives us the ability to connect to any computer in the world and quickly fix it.