Top 4 Covid Prevention Tips

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• Wear a face covering. • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. • Stay 6 feet apart. • Use static wipes to clean your screen,…

Android vs. iPhone

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Deciding which mobile phone is better depends on different things. While both are user friendly and easy to use, iPhones are just beautiful and Android phones – well they vary…

New I.T. Strategies to Protect Your Practice

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New I.T. Strategies to Protect Your Practice, an article by TechOnIT about Dental office secure security. Read it here:

Security Camera Solutions for Residential and Business

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Security Camera Solutions for Residential and Business – Keep an eye on your home or business whenever and wherever you are! – Know when someone is coming or going using…

Mac or PC – Onsite and Remote

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Here is an iMac in the shop getting repaired. TechOnIT provides computer repair and technology support, Mac or PC, onsite and remote.

TOI likes IOT

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  TOI: TechOnIT provides a wide range of IT support, computer repair and network services. Our remote support service can assist you with your computers anywhere in the world. IOT:…

Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade?

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Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade? You may have boxes of used/outdated equipment or feel the frustration of slow performance and system crashes from your current computers. It’s time…

Professional Dental IT

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TechOnIT is an experienced IT provider for dental offices. We can help your business- whether you’re just getting started, need help with current devices, or are looking to upgrade. We…

Business IT Experts

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We are the Business IT experts, we service businesses of all sizes. We strive to not just keep your business at status quo, but make it better more efficient business…