Android vs. iPhone

By March 13, 2020 Tech No Comments

Deciding which mobile phone is better depends on different things.

While both are user friendly and easy to use, iPhones are just beautiful and Android phones – well they vary in looks. That beauty costs you too, iPhones prices range from around $700 – $1000 and more, where you can pick up an Android for as little as $100.

Open vs. closed systems (Android = Open, iPhone = Closed)
The iPhone is proprietary, so if you only want what you can get from Apple – you’re good to go. But, if you’re an iPhone user who wants to buy an e-book from the Amazon Kindle app or watch a Google Play movie using Play movies, you’re out of luck. Also if you’re favorite music is all in iTunes, again…iPhone only.

Android is both open source and more open to alternative apps but still can’t share with Apple because Apple hasn’t ported any of its apps to Android and probably never will.

Android wins here – all devices use standard USB ports, where as with iPhones they have various plug changes, the newest being the Lightning port (which are also more pricey than USB plugs and cables).

iPhone shots ARE great and Androids vary wildly some being ‘almost’ as good as iPhone.