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Android vs. iPhone

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Deciding which mobile phone is better depends on different things.

While both are user friendly and easy to use, iPhones are just beautiful and Android phones – well they vary in looks. That beauty costs you too, iPhones prices range from around $700 – $1000 and more, where you can pick up an Android for as little as $100.

Open vs. closed systems (Android = Open, iPhone = Closed)
The iPhone is proprietary, so if you only want what you can get from Apple – you’re good to go. But, if you’re an iPhone user who wants to buy an e-book from the Amazon Kindle app or watch a Google Play movie using Play movies, you’re out of luck. Also if you’re favorite music is all in iTunes, again…iPhone only.

Android is both open source and more open to alternative apps but still can’t share with Apple because Apple hasn’t ported any of its apps to Android and probably never will.

Android wins here – all devices use standard USB ports, where as with iPhones they have various plug changes, the newest being the Lightning port (which are also more pricey than USB plugs and cables).

iPhone shots ARE great and Androids vary wildly some being ‘almost’ as good as iPhone.

Security Camera Solutions for Residential and Business

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Security Camera Solutions for Residential and Business

– Keep an eye on your home or business whenever and wherever you are!

– Know when someone is coming or going using motion activated alerts

– Discourage Crime

– Camera options available with audio recording and two way talk

– Keeps up to 12 days of continuously recorded Full HD 1080p video

TechOnIT Security Camera Systems

Residential & Commercial

Call us at: (831) 607-9785

TOI likes IOT

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TOI: TechOnIT provides a wide range of IT support, computer repair and network services. Our remote support service can assist you with your computers anywhere in the world.

IOT: The Internet of Things is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade?

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Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade? You may have boxes of used/outdated equipment or feel the frustration of slow performance and system crashes from your current computers. It’s time to consider upgrading your systems, time to invest in technology and your long-term vision for your company. TechOnIT can help…

Custom Hardware Installs:
– Custom-built servers and workstations
– Ethernet and cable TV setups
– Indoor/outdoor long-range W
– Stereo speakers and PA systems
Business-friendly Solutions:
– POS Sales terminal setups
– Scheduling and inventory software
– System restores and data recovery
– Professional website design
Computer Tech Support:
– Fast response time
– Safe, reliable remote access
– Support for all types of computers
– Microsoft-certified Tech support

Professional Dental IT

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TechOnIT is an experienced IT provider for dental offices. We can help your business- whether you’re just getting started, need help with current devices, or are looking to upgrade. We have experience working with dental equipment like X-ray machines, and we can configure Eaglesoft or any other preferred dentistry software for work with your office. We can also network windows PCs and macs in order to share files and access records, and we’ll build custom computers for server and workstation use, if that is needed. We are located in Aptos and Sacramento, California and we can provide service for dental clinics anywhere in the Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Sacramento areas.

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