Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade?

By June 3, 2018 Business, Tech No Comments

Is your business ready for a Technology upgrade? You may have boxes of used/outdated equipment or feel the frustration of slow performance and system crashes from your current computers. It’s time to consider upgrading your systems, time to invest in technology and your long-term vision for your company. TechOnIT can help…

Custom Hardware Installs:
– Custom-built servers and workstations
– Ethernet and cable TV setups
– Indoor/outdoor long-range W
– Stereo speakers and PA systems
Business-friendly Solutions:
– POS Sales terminal setups
– Scheduling and inventory software
– System restores and data recovery
– Professional website design
Computer Tech Support:
– Fast response time
– Safe, reliable remote access
– Support for all types of computers
– Microsoft-certified Tech support